Summers in Athens Ohio

Athens is a pretty cool college town, even when the college isn’t in session

Athens, Ohio is nationally ranked college town, and the city still shines when Ohio University is on a break. In fact, summer Athens even has several advantages over school year Athens. Here are just a few of them here:

Plenty of parking! – Ok, the parking still isn’t great, but at least it’s much better than trying to park during the school year. During the summer, townies enjoy finding more parking spaces!

The bars aren’t as crowded – The bar and restaurant owners may not like this point as much as I do. It’s nice, though, that it’s much easier to get a table at the outstanding bars and restaurants in the summer.

Street parties – During the school year, the students have neighborhood street parties and the uptown Halloween celebration. When the students are gone, though, different street parties are held. The city closes the uptown streets for special events such as Brew Week events, concerts and even car shows.

No snow! – The warm summer days are perfect for spending time on the bike path or eating outside at the restaurants. Or maybe you want to cook out or just walk around town with friends. Did I mention there is no snow?

Music – The amazing Nelsonville Music Festival is one high point of the summer. At the same time, though, there is live music every weekend around the city and the county. Plus, it’s an easy drive to concerts around the region.

Plenty of ramen noodles at the grocery store – The stores don’t run low as often on items like this that are popular with the students.

Life is easier in the summer in Athens

summer in athensThe summer pace – We still have plenty of work to do, but the whole vibe of the town changes in the summer. Everything tends to slow down a little bit in Athens. It’s a great change from the busy school year.

Free furniture – The students leave a lot of furniture behind when they move out. You can usually get some deals on free or very cheap items after they leave.
It’s easier to walk on the sidewalks – You don’t get stuck walking behind large groups of people as often. It’s a great time to stroll or even meander if you are in the mood.

Summer sports – We have the Southern Ohio Copperheads baseball team, along with a roller derby team and other activities. Several Eden Marketing staff members have also starred in summer rec sports (at least in our minds). All around Athens, there are plenty of sports opportunities available all summer.

Hiking, biking and liking – Summer in Athens is a great time to get out to hike, bike and like where you are living.

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