How Much Does SEO Cost?

Figuring out what SEO cost you might incure can be a bit of a daunting proposition as each SEO firm has their unique procedures and processes.

We, at Eden Marketing, have fine tuned our systems to be able to offer some clear choices in SEO services in an effort to further help our Athens Ohio marketing clients, and our search engine optimization cohorts all over Ohio.

Phase One: The Interview/ Onboarding/ Technological SEO Audit

Traffic Reports & Keyword Rankings keep you informed on your Website Marketing

Taking some time to get to know each other, and seeing if we’re a good fit, is the first solid step to success.

We take a slow and steady cautious approach here as we take special care with each one of our clients, so if you are in a rush, or have a mountain of work to be done quickly, we may not be the firm for you.

Our ideal match is a small to medium business (Pizza Shop, Dance School, Law Firm, Restaurant, Guitar Teacher, etc.) that is patient and willing to make a small investment over a long period of time.

We also take this opportunity to audit the various technologies you use for your businesses internet presence (website, email host, social networks, domain names, etc.) and possibly make suggestions for improvement.

Phase Two: Keyword/ Competition research (Baseline)

Now we can begin developing a list of key phrases you currently rank high, phrases that you want to rank for, and the ones you should be ranking for. Our keyword research will analyze the various queries people type into Google that result in their visiting your website, with future goals to improve upon and expand upon that search traffic.

We use Moz and SEMRush (2 great sources of keyword research) to find terms you may not be aware of that are high traffic/ low competition which will be compiled in a report of our analysis, with a final list of around 30 phrases, to begin our campaign.

At this point you know where you stand… and can choose to continue if you like…

Phase Three: Monthly SEO Retainer/ Reporting/ Usability

Based on our analysis from Phase One, we then select a handful of phrases we want to work on first, and set to work.

Each month you can expect a Monthly SEO Report containing where we rank, the ups and downs, our thoughts, our activities over the last month, a competition report, and more.

We also can offer assistance with website maintenance and WordPress updates, website hosting, usability (UX), and an assortment of other various types of IT tasks you may have, usually billed at an hourly rate above and beyond SEO budgets.

We do not offer management of your Social Media, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, or website redesigns, though we do offer some of these services to our long standing clientele, and can occasion be talked into helping from time to time.

We also have a network of associates who can help with these issues.

The total package. We’ve worked with Eden for many years. They custom built several sites for us, supercharged our SEO capabilities, tackle all of our maintenance issues, and ALWAYS address our needs with Flash-like speed. Most importantly, they are the best in the business.”
– Patrick from Bobcat Rentals, Athens Ohio.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

Our initial analysis (Phase One, SEO Audit) spans anywhere between $500.00 – $2,000.00, depending on the size and scope of your company.

Ongoing monthly SEO retainers begin at $1,000.00, with additional levels of service available as well.

Every budget is unique, we’ll find your sweet spot!

We do not offer guarantees, and would caution you to beware of any SEO who does. We do not require a contract, but can certainly provide one if preferred, and ask for a 12 month initial commitment to truly begin seeing the return on your investment.

Eden Marketing is an Ohio SEO Agency familiar with SEO optimization costs, and SEO retainers. Our search engine optimization rates are reasonable and clear.

Contact Us for more information on Google SEO costs, from a trusted Ohio SEO firm.

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