Ideas to Spark SEO Content

If you login to Facebook or Instagram, or God forbid LinkedIn (ack!) lately… holy moly are you hit with a wall of content. People publishing blog after blog of nonsense topics just to stay relevant.

So… Much… Stuff!

“How to achieve your dreams in 5 easy steps!”

“Top 10 Star Trek jobs nobody wants.”

or my favorite…

“How to get a million likes on your Instagram post!

(I swear by all that is holy, this post had 116 “likes.“)

Yet the ratings climb. The Google Machine is hungry!

Our clients need, require, dare I say deserve, fresh new quality content, though sometimes it feels like a veracious beast… always wanting more. I always looking to find topics to write about that are not only unique, but have not been covered ad nauseam before.

Ideas to Find Good Content Topics

There are a few nice resources I’ve managed to round up in my time at this ol’ SEO game, and below live three of them, which may help when struggling with writers block.

Its a shame though that the system works this way, where we have speak… even when we have absolutely nothing at all to add to the conversation that would improve upon its beautiful, yet momentary silence.

Google Questions Hub: This one’s neat in that you can search for questions frequently asked for an industry. Google searches their database for what I might call “under represented content“. That is to say, topics Google wishes they had more information on.

For example, by selecting “Rock Band” as my main category, Google serves up some questions they wish they had better information on, in this case, “Music in the movie Amnesiac.” Its a neat little tool that even allows you to click the “Answer” button, so when you’ve written about this topic, you can easily alert Google to the URL so they can chow down. This service is still very new and has some obvious bugs and issues, but I’ve used it before with some success.

Related Searches: You can use the information at the bottom of a Google Results Page to find new twists and turns on what may be rattling around your head. For example, a search for “how can I accomplish more of my goals,” of course offers the usual results, but at the very bottom you’ll see some Google Suggest options as well. These can help get the juices flowing a bit for topics to write on, and acts as a signal from Google telling us these phrases do get some (enough) searches.

And of course, your own imagination. Sit back, close your eyes, and think like a child full of questions. If your topic is trumpets, let your curiosity run away with you. How are they made, what type of metal is that, how rough on the lips is it to play, etc.

Jotting down a half dozen or so of your very own FAQs may give you a bank of ideas that will serve you well.

Eden Marketing is still here, and we’re still happily doing our thing. We have a phat roster of SEO clients that keep us hopping every single day.

We’ve had some amazing success lately with some of our clients… our favorite lawyer has been absolutely crushing it with Google Local Ads, which have been a blast to learn and setup and play with. .

And I’ll be darned if today I didn’t find out it was twenty years ago we first registered the domain That was back in the Frognet days when I was working for Jorma and Dan and I were first getting this thing setup. My how time flies by!

That’s amazing. I am very proud. I hope to blog soon more about what 20 years means for me, and until then…

Submitted with pure intentions, Roman