WordPress Website Tune-up Services

Eden Marketing is now offering the service of WordPress Website Tune-up Services. If you have a WordPress website that you think may be in need of important scheduled updates, shoot us a note from our contact page to see if we can be of assistance.

Why Bother with WordPress Website Tune-up Services & Updates?

WordPress websites are wonderful, they offer ease of use and are also extremely search engine friendly, but they do come with some “care and feeding” needs. Each WordPress website, including those covering Athens Ohio, should be inspected by a professional as there are three main areas of updates needed:

  1. Core: WordPress’ software is out of date and needs updated to the latest version.
  2. Plugins: Various third party additions to the website need updated as well.
  3. Theme: The files that contain your design (look and feel) need compared to recent versions.

It is also needed from time to time to update the server settings, including versions of PHP which can cause security vulnerabilities.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? 😉

It’s nearly impossible to discuss this topic without bringing up the analogy of caring for an automobile and changing the oil frequently to ensure your car runs as smoothly as possible. Failure to keep up on WordPress Updates by not utilizing WordPress Website Tune-up Services can include:

  1. Website Crashes: Erroneous SQL code appearing at the top of your website, or worse, the “white screen of death.” 
  2. Functionality Issues: Website still runs but certain features of the site, such as a shopping cart, ceases to function.
  3. Virus, Bad Guys, Hackers and Evil Doers: A hacked WordPress site can ruin everyone’s day.

There’s more that can go wrong of course, but the above should serve as enough of a sample to remind you to keep your WordPress website updated. We’re excited to be offering this service, and, since each site’s a snowflake, prices will vary, though we hope to be able to price this as close to a flat-fee as possible soon.

To learn more about WordPress websites in Athens Ohio and beyond, do please explore our website. Many thanks to https://unsplash.com/@austinchan for the photo!