Spring Update: Life Goes On, Sorta

Hey folks hope this April update finds you well and we mean that in the most literal of terms. Life in Athens Ohio, as all parts of the world I am sure, is interesting, bordering on the surreal at times. Most of the businesses are closed, the medical workers go about their heroic duties, as do the essential workers like grocery store and restaurant workers. We are grateful to them and appreciate their efforts during this time of Coranavirus.

Athens has been quiet, the town shut down, students gone. We here at Eden Marketing have always worked from home, so this has not been too much of a change for us personally, other than not meeting too many clients in person for WordPress training and website design brainstorms. We’re pretty used to working in our sweat pants and commuting to the coffee maker.

We have launched a few websites in the past few weeks, which we’ll elaborate more on soon, including Integration Acres, Pathway Properties, and CIRO (a new Italian restaurant in Athens which is amazing!) but have mostly been focused on helping our existing clients adapt to the new business climate.

Sadly, we’ve had some clients fold, some bail, and some show signs of panic, but all in all most of our work goes on in earnest, with some of our clients even experiencing a financial boom from online sales.

In times like this folks show their true colors, its been very rewarding to us at Eden to get proven right that we have the best clients in the world, as we all work together to find solutions to these unique challenges.

We’ll be taking April to catch up on some long awaited task work, as well as re-vamping several client sites including our own, so look for an updated simpler edenmarketing.com coming sometime late Spring early Summer. Thanks for reading our April update, until the next be well.