Athena Cinema Website Launched!

Our staff spearheaded by Luke recently worked hand in hand with Alex and Yang to create the shiny new Athena Cinema dot com website, full of information about your favorite flicks, just in time for Oscar season.

athena cinemaThe Athena Cinema, located on Court Street in Athens, Ohio, began way back in 1915 and is one of the oldest movie theaters in the United States!

In 2001 the theater was purchased by Ohio University, and is now operated by the College of Fine Arts at Ohio University as a three-screen, art house theater featuring independent, documentary, world and classic films, as well as student and locally produced work.

The cinema has been home to the Athens International Film + Video Festival since 1974.

The website showcases all the movies playing at any given time, as well as instructions on private booking, and tons of information regarding the theaters history.

We enjoyed this project immensely and look forward to growing along side this prestigious institution.

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