You’ll Know What We Did This Summer

Well our blog has not gotten much love this summer as we’ve been super busy launching websites and signing up some amazing Fall projects, we’re truly crankin’ here at Eden Marketing.

First up, we got a visit from our old pals Jimmy Song and Bumshin, who are sporting their Eden T-Shirts all the way over in Seoul, Korea.

We also launched two massive projects, both Acting Schools (one in New York, the other in Chicago) using our astounding e-commerce software for schools “Dahlia,” both of which are saving time and making money for our clients.

Acting Studio Chicago: Chicago’s Premier Training Center for Actors, since 1981.

We are proud to offer quality training in a nurturing environment for beginning actors ready to take a creative leap, as well as challenging acting classes for working actors who wish to keep their skills sharp and stay current with industry trends.


T. Schreiber Studio: One of the Best Acting Schools in New York, since 1969.

The mission of T. Schreiber Studio and Theatre is to advance the art of acting by creating an environment in which rigorous professional training, tested by the demands of performance, achieves fulfillment in an Off-Off Broadway venue that nourishes artists through lifelong membership and engages a diverse audience.


And now we’re back for a jam packed Fall Season and look forward to showing off more projects as the season rolls along. We also encourage you to check out our friends at Environmental Doctor, who will be running a special this month for radon testing in apartments in Dayton, Ohio.

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