WordPress Hack &/or Virus Repair

“Help my WordPress website has been hacked! Or maybe it’s a website virus or something, I’m not sure, all I know is I need it fixed right away who can help? “

Having your WordPress Website hacked by bad guys or injected with a virus from website hackers can be a trying and scary experience, though it is helpful to know 9 times out of 10 the hackers did not target you personally, they simply found a common exploit in your website’s software that allowed them to access the data and either destroy it or sabotage it. The good news is we can restore and repair your broken WordPress site. 

We use a combination of tools to clear out the malicious code and restore your site to its previous glory, making sure to take extra time to seal any security holes that let the bad guys in in the first place. We’ll also back up your site here at the Eden offices so in the event you are targeted again, we can quickly restore your files.

Contact us today and we can give you a quote, most websites can be restored within 48 hours for a cost of under $150.00. Please have the following information handy:

  1. Your website URL (mysite.com)
  2. What software your site runs on (WordPress, Joomla, not sure)
  3. Your website host (GoDaddy, Amazon, not sure)
  4. Your user name and password for #2 and #3
  5. Any other details you think will be helpful for our IT medics and detectives.

Don’t let the hackers ruin your day, we can help you fix your website hack or WordPress virus in short order.