SEO is Alive & Well

SEO Services are still in need, especially in Athens, Lancaster, and Columbus Ohio, and reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated. With more and more websites competing for the same key-phrases, finding the right SEO for your company is still as important as its ever been. 

Threats to SEO in 2020: 

  • Competition: According to, over 380 websites are launched around the world every MINUTE!
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Websites are taking huge steps to use robots not only to read content, but to create it.
  • Voice Search: New technologies such as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri have changed the way SEO’s approach their work.
  • Results in Page: It’s becoming more and more common for Google to answer a search query directly on their results page, making it so users don’t have to click a result to find their answer, and the website loses that traffic!

There are many other factors and trends that are changing the SEO landscape, especially in Ohio where cities like Athens, Nelsonville, Logan, Marietta, Jackson, and Lancaster have special needs due to the changing business environments there.

Truths about SEO that remain true in 2020: 

  • Google is still the boss, Ask Jeeves died years ago, Bing has never ever gotten close and Duck Duck Go is still a growing boy.
  • Content is still king, while true that “blogging for robots” has thankfully run its course (almost), creating new and fresh content is still the fastest way to show search engines you care.
  • Most websites are still horribly built especially in regards to being optimized for Google and most sites could certainly benefit from a professional SEO to fine tune the website.

While it is true the landscape of SEO strategies are changing, it is still an important part of any Southeast Ohio Business’ marketing strategy to include SEO Services like those offered by the “Can Do Fellas” at Eden Marketing

Photo provided by Eden Marketing Thanks You!