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Avalanche Pizza of Athens, Ohio, has long been considered the best pizza shop in town, not an easy feat for a place packed full of 20,000 hungry college students. In fact… studies prove it! According to the Athens NEWS, Avalanche Pizza has won “Best Pizza” in their annual “Best of Athens” awards for 16 years running, a feat never seen before in the long history of their prestigious award.


Eden Marketing teamed up with Avalanche Pizza back in 2001, when both businesses were just starting. Eden owner Roman walked into the newly opened East State location out of curiosity and ordered up a mushroom and pepperoni pie, and stoked up a conversation with the only worker in the place at the time, who turned out to be none other than the amazing John Gutekanst, owner!

What do you do for a living Roman?” John asked, after introductions.

I make websites,” short pause

Will you make me one?”

One of the easiest friends Eden has ever made ha-ha, and we’ve been linked together ever since.

So try some of the best pizza you will ever taste and check out their online pizza shop website for more information.

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