Go Pedal Boards Website Launch

Greg O’Brien has been in the music business all his life, and his most recent endeavor is working with Eden Marketing to produce Go Pedal Boards.com.

Go Pedal Boards, based in Shade Ohio, creates custom made pedal boards for effect pedals (such as a “wah-wah” pedal, phase shifter, or a chorus pedal) for musicians. They are sturdy, road tested pieces of unique craftsmanship that match any on the market.

Triple Tier Pedal Board, 36 inch

The website also offers many other items, such as hard to find power supplies, adapters, and other musical accessories. You can order online securely and pay by credit card, using Woo Commerce checkout and PayPal. Simple, clean, and mobile friendly (responsive design.)

I first met Greg around 20 years ago when sharing multiple stages around town with his band the Spoodoo Cadillac’s, and my band the Royales. Both our acts were blues bands, and we played the same clubs and circuits and festival gigs, mostly around Meigs County Ohio in places like the Court Grill and the Big Bend Blues Bash, both in Pomeroy Ohio.

He’s a true blues-man, and is passionate about music, currently serving as a professor of Electrical Engineering, Music Technology, and non-linear waveform analysis, as well as continuing to tour nationally as a working musician.

I was always amazed watching him perform live, as his deep blues influences (Buddy Guy, Albert King, Freddie King) really touched me, scratching a musical itch so that can be so rare these days.

We were thrilled to work with Greg on this project and look forward to watching him sell a ton of pedal boards.

I really enjoyed working with Eden Marketing on the redesign for the gopedalboards.com website and would recommend them to anyone looking for a clean, mobile friendly secure e-commerce website!” – Greg O’Brien, Owner, Go Pedal Boards

Greg O’Brien introduces Go Pedal Boards

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