Casa Nueva Honors George Floyd

One of Athens, Ohio’s favorite restaurants and nightclub, Casa Nueva and Casa Cantina, recently honored the memory of George Floyd and many others killed at the hands of law enforcement by placing this amazing window mural in the front window of their location at 6 West State Street in Athens, Ohio.

The mural, created by Casa-trons Cole and Andrea has been drawing spectators all week, and social media comments such as:

In Casa Nueva style! With class and community spirit

This is beautiful. Reminds me a bit of our hometown artist, Maya Lin’s memorial. Thank you, Casa!

This is why we keep coming back to you and your restaurant!

Casa Nueva has always been considered a safe space for truth and justice, and puts their money where their mouth is when it comes to promoting an atmosphere of peace and acceptance, which is one of the many reasons they have been so successful over the years and show no signs of changing.

As we all know, protests over police brutality have shaken the United States to its core. These protests are beginning to show signs of promise as some municipality begin enacting reforms to reign in law enforcement, and the movement seems to be gaining steam.

Locally, Athens has seen multiple peaceful protests in the streets and voices can even be heard in the town square of Nelsonville, a local community with a much smaller population.

Wordpress - Josh Brown

I personally worked at Casa for many years, my first stint was in the eighties when I was so young I was actually in Middle School, doing dishes after classes for extra spending money. I then returned as an adult as a (terrible) waiter in 1996, luckily being moved to Bar Manager, then Marketing Director from 1997-2000.

“Working with Eden Marketing revamping our outdated website to WordPress was a fun experience, Luke and Roman did a good job understanding our needs and trained our whole team how to keep their sections of the site updated.“

– Josh Brown, Casa Nueva Manager, Pictured

I’ve always been proud of my association with Casa, recently working with them on their new and improved Athens Ohio Website (as well as providing marketing services and search engine optimization strategies), and their George Floyd Mural only serves to remind me as to why I respect this organization so much.

YouTube Video on “What is Casa Nueva?”

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