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Over the years we’ve developed these services to meet the needs of our clients. If you need something you don’t see here, just ask. We’ll see what we can do. If you’re ready to start, contact us or fill out the start a project form.

Family of Services


Most of our clientele prefers to be self sufficient when it comes to making updates on their website. If you are in need of assistance with your WordPress website, (updates, hosting, trouble shooting, plug-ins, or WordPress Virus Removal Services,) Eden Marketing can assist you.

Learn more about the benefits of WordPress.

Graphic Design

Many people don’t know this, but Marketing can easily be defined as “any interaction anyone from your business has with any member of the public at any time.” Our graphic designers are experts at assisting you with branding your business, from logos, to letterhead, style sheets and all things in between.

Learn more about our Marketing and Graphic Design offering.


Our programming crew have the biggest propellers on their hats, and their horn rimmed glasses and pocket protectors are the stuff of legends. We’re often called upon to fix bad code, redo outdated databases, and pretty much solve any IT problem.

Learn more about our Programming and E-commerce options.


Wanna be #1 on Google when people type in “Dentist Columbus Ohio?” How much return on investment do you really think that’s worth? Is it worth it to find out? Many Eden clients have reaped the financial rewards of our knowledge of search engines and Social Networking.

Learn more about Search Engine Optimization.

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