Get an Insurance Tune Up for 2018!


The New Year approaches and we took the opportunity to get an Insurance Tune Up with our friend Brent Hartman, Owner of O’Nail Hartman Insurance Athens Ohio.

We’ve known Brent for years, went to high school with him, his kids are in the same dance class as mine. Brent specializes in Insurance, particularly coverage for disasters pertaining to Home, Life, and Auto.

insurance agent

Brent and his staff have decades of experience dealing with helping his clients, friends and community members navigate the tricky waters of insuring what you worked so hard for. He can be a trusted ally for your team.

Brent Hartman and O’Nail Hartman also give back to the community, he’d kill us for touting his donations, but we think he deserves a loud “thank you!

And now Brent is offering free insurance consultations for the residents of Athens, Ohio… an “insurance tune up” if you will, where he can sit with you and figure out what you have covered, and what you may want to re-consider.

Anyway, just throwing some love Brent’s way, as we appreciate him and all they do over there at O’Nail Hartman Insurance.

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