Dairy Barn Summer Music Series is Back!

For folks living in Athens Ohio over the summers things can get pretty laid back as all the Ohio University students, well, a lot of them anyway, have split town for the season returning to whence they came to work camp jobs or lie on their parent’s couch and watch TV, leaving the town with about half the normal population, making for ample parking and plenty of room to move around.

But for a select industry and services in Athens Ohio marketing, things really heat up in regards to the entertainment options (see related article), with street fests and concerts and musicals almost every weekend.

A new entry to this roster is the annual Dairy Barn Summer Music Series. The Dairy Barn is an Arts Center located on Dairy Lane in Athens, which features various exhibitions, art shows, and music events. It began in the late 1970’s with a grant from the Hocking Valley Arts Council, renovating an old dairy barn (hey!) off the property of the old Mental Health Center, and is under the stewardship of Executive Director Jane Redfern.

The music series, now in its 3rd year, features popular local and regional music groups that have been hand selected by concert organize Steve Kropf to perfectly fit the venue. With groups such as J.D. Hutchison & Real Billy Jive, The Randy’s, Come On Come Ons, and more, this series has grown in popularity and is attended by a few hundred music enthusiasts each week.

That does not mean a cramped stuffy environment by any means though, the Dairy Barn is enormous and has ample space for folks who wish to soak in the shows in any manner desirable. Walk around and check out the art, sit and tap your foot stage side, or get yourself a wonderful meal from one of the food carts on premise featuring Mauvette’s Jamaican Cuisine.

The flyer at top is a great example of Athens Ohio Marketing and lists each one of the many events in this series. See you there!