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Archive Email in Windows Live Mail

July 18, 2016

If you are nearing your email quota, Storage Folders are recommended to archive old email to your computer and clear space on the server.

The messages stored in Storage Folders are stored on your local hard drive and not on the Eden Marketing server. Storage folders are well suited to store data that you may need to access from your computer from time to time but not from your phone or when accessing email remotely while traveling etc . They are excellent for long-term archival-type storage.

In Windows Live Mail, you can create Storage Folders by right-clicking on ‘Storage Folders’ in your folder list and choose ‘New Folder’.

Windows Live Mail Storage Folders

You can create as many Storage Folders as you need in order to keep your archived messages organized. One option is to go with a structure that sorts archived mail by year, for example:

2012 – Sent
2012 – Received
2013 – Sent
2013 – Received

Once you have created your Storage Folders, you can populate them by moving messages from the Eden server folders into the appropriate Storage Folder.

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September 28, 2015

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