Avalanche Pizza


“I cannot tell you how thankful both my staff and myself are with the outstanding website that you created for us! You have done such a tremendous job; the graphics are wonderful and the site is so easy to navigate that even I can do it.


The coupons have already generated extra business for us, especially with the college crowd. What I really enjoy the most though is the comment card; this is the best and most unobtrusive way of gauging the true nature of my customer’s wants and needs.


After getting through our second year as a small business, we have found that responsible and dependable companies are hard to come by. We always look for companies that treat us like we treat our customers- with respect and kindness. Your thoughtful and superb service made us feel very welcome and we knew that you genuinely cared about our company and us. Your expert suggestions on how to market our product also helped us make the most of our advertising dollar.


Again, thank you for rolling Avalanche Pizza into the 21st century and making the creation of our website such a fun and enjoyable venture. We look forward to a long relationship with you and Eden Marketing and will highly recommend your company to everyone we meet!”


- John T. Gutekanst & Debra L. Rentz, Owners, Avalanche Pizza

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Ohio University Dept. of Psychology


(Ohio University)

Eden Marketing is a “preferred vendor” of Ohio University, a cutting edge college in the heart of Ohio. Our most recent project showcases the goings on of the Dept. of Psychology.

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(Eagle, Colorado)

Personal Tools to Fix the National Debt! This website offers you the chance to create a quick and easy assessment of how much of the U.S. National Debt that you are personally responsible for, and dispatches your opinion to your elected officials. All Free!

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Friends of Tranquility Campy


Friends of Tranquillity Camp
(Woodmere, New York)

This Joomla website was developed for the Friends and Alumni of Tranquillity Camp in New York. It brings together many technologies in a clean, modern format.

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