The Barrow Group


“What’s so great about Eden Marketing is they make things easy. With our old website, we spent most of our time emailing students and chasing down payments. With the new website that Eden Marketing assembled for us, the payment and emailing system is automated; as a result, we find ourselves making more meaningful contact with current and prospective students — because we have more time. Bravo to Brian, Roman and the entire Eden Marketing team!”


Robert Serrell, Director of Education, The Barrow Group, Award-Winning Off-Broadway Theatre Company, New York, NY



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Cary Frith Testimonial

“The team at Eden Marketing recently redesigned the Ohio University Honors Tutorial College’s website. The creative talent and strategic advice they provided far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Eden to any organization that needs to rethink its web strategy and build stronger relationships with its key audiences.” –

Cary Roberts Frith, Communications Manager, Fellowship Advisor, Ohio University Honors Tutorial College.
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Actors Key West Testimonial


“Everything is awesome- you did an amazing job (and we are SO grateful you were able to get the site up yesterday).  You guys are the best, and we literally recommend you to everyone we meet that mentions needing a website :)” - Kristen and Katie, The Actors Key, Burbank, California

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Steven Richter Testimonial


“I don’t think I’ve properly thanked you for all the help you’ve given me over the last many months with creating what’s a really awesome website. So, thank you. I hope we get to meet sometime here in Athens (if you return for a visit), it’d be fun to meet. I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback about the site, and I’ve started incorporating cartoon contests on the blog site, and I think you saw that I added an “events” page. I’m really happy with the look and feel of the site  and I sense it’ll keep changing and evolving as I continue to learn how to manage it. Couldn’t have even thought about this without your help. Thank you!” – Steven Richter, Artist.

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Mindy Braasch Testimonial


“It was a joy to work with Eden Marketing’s highly experienced and professional staff.  They are very reliable and their turnaround time is fantastic.  They bent over backwards to take our complex design and make it reality.” – Mindy Braasch, Musician. 

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Act Now!


“I’m obsessed with these guys! They designed & developed our site to be so user-friendly that its practically error-proof for our “not-so-tech-savvy” staff. They were always able to answer my questions quickly and thoroughly- in layman’s language. Plus, they shared advice, gave opinions, and made adjustments as we needed them. I cannot speak more highly of them!! Especially Brian, he is a gem!”


-Meg Amsden, Office Manager, Act Now!


I’m sure you’re a gem too Roman, but I’ve had near-daily emails with Brian for over a month now, so he gets a special shout-out. I would also be pleased to give personal referrals if you have a potential client that would like to speak to a current client- I’m happy to chat with them.

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Third Sun Solar


“This has been an outstanding development effort — one of the smoothest & most productive I’ve ever been involved with. I appreciate all the good work and look forward to more over the coming weeks/months.” - Gerald Kelly, Director of Communications, Third Sun Solar.



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Jana Weatherbee


“Yes Roman thank you. The new website is great… . just what we needed. Thanks so much Eden Marketing!”

- Jana Weatherbee Associates



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Deb McBride


“Thanks for all your help. You are by far one of the most responsive businesses I have ever worked with. I wish other businesses could learn from your customer service expertise.”


- Deb McBride, Owner, DMConsulting

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One on One Acting Agency


“The new website for our Acting School and Agency is going great!!! I haven’t had to chase down payments for months now! Our phones used to drive us crazy and used to ring every 3 minutes and now only get calls every 20 mins because our members are all online!!! What a difference you have made!”


- Sammy Downie, Owner, One on One Acting Agency

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O’Nail Hartman Insurance


“Eden’s search engine optimization took us from zero to hero on Google for key industry terms like Athens Ohio insurance. It’s important for any business to be visible and the Eden Marketing team helped to bring more targeted traffic to our website.”


- Brent Hartman, www.onailhartman.com

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Rock Riffle Run Pottery


“It has been a pleasure dealing with Eden marketing all through my upgrades. You and Jay both have been great to deal with and ALWAYS AVAILABLE to answer my questions and guide me in the right directions. You all have made the process of the upgrades so easy on my part.


You guys have been fun to work with, your suggestions have been right on the mark. I couldn’t be happier. You have done a great job and I will continue to use Eden Marketing for all my web needs. I am very pleased. Thanks so much. ”


- Susan Abramovitz, www.rockrifflerunpottery.com

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Warren Law Firm


“Digging every thing I’ve seen… I really like your work so far. You rock!”


- Mike Warren, Attorney at Law, www.buckeyelegal.com

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Sandy Plunkett


“Roman- that looks great! Thanks a million!”


- Sandy Plunkett, Comic Book Artist, www.plunkettart.com

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Russell Chamberlain


“Site is working great from everything that I can see. Thank you all for your hard work, help, determination and problem solving…”


- Russell Chamberlain, Broker MyAthensHouse.com

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Vince Emmer


“Thank you Roman, Dan, Jef, Brian, Jay, and all the rest of the hardworking, conscientious crew at Eden for making a difficult project easy. You are a first class outfit providing first class service from start to completion and beyond. I’m tickled pink with the whole thing.”


- Vince Emmer, President, MyGovSpending.com

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Gail Berenson


“It has been a real pleasure working with the professionals at Eden Marketing. I am extremely pleased with the final look of my website, a result of the expert and timely work of Luke Strevig and the careful oversight of Roman Warmke.


I have especially appreciated the consistent and prompt communication. being able to send an e-mail with suggestions for change and having an immediate response that included a timeline for completion. Every detail was handled with skill and care. This is a first-rate website design and marketing firm! Many thanks!”


- Gail Berenson, Professor of Piano, Ohio University, Athens

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Twin Oaks Refrigeration


“Roman… did I tell you that our company’s new website was designed and constructed by the TIGAR awarded “IT Company of the Year?” Well, it was. You see, at Twin Oaks, we don’t waste time with amateurs and pikers, we associate with only professionals that do sites that “POP”. CONGRATULATIONS! With all sincerity, Nice job and proud to be working with you.”


- Ned Jones, Owner, Twin Oaks Refrigeration

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Marc Ross


“Working with Roman is a true pleasure both personally and professionally. He has the perfect blend of big picture thinking and mastery of the details. This combination results in projects/results that are not only distinctive and original but are also extremely polished and professional. Most importantly, his great sense of humor and positive energy make him a joy to work with. A+”


- Marc Ross, Internet Marketing Consultant at New Leaf WebCenters

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Center for Divorce Education


“Jay is a gem! I like how he keeps me updated. I can tell you came from the same family. You both are such positive people, a joy to work with.”


- Dr. Don Gordon, Owner, Center for Divorce Education

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Athens Area Chamber of Commerce


“Roman, we are so pleased with your timeliness in our hour of need! This is customer service at its BEST! Your prompt service and constant communications were our safety net. Our IT people were pleased with the quick turnaround time with your responses to their inquiries and fortunately our website is functional again! It has been a sincere pleasure to work with you . Please know that we highly recommend the services of Eden Marketing and we value your membership in the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce.”


- Wendy Jakmas, President and Dawn Worley-Sims, Office Project Manager Athens Area Chamber of Commerce

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Department of Economics, Ohio University


“The website is great. We are thinking of more and more ways to use it all the time. Thanks! ”


- Rosemary Rossiter, Chair, Department of Economics, Ohio University.

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Jack Casady


“Thank you Roman. This all looks great! Have a Happy Holiday for you and yours. I have had many compliments on the new JC site! Take care, Jack.”


- Jack Casady, Legendary Bassist

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Silver Bridge Coffee


“I love the new design on my website. It is extremely rare to find a company that is excellent in web design and communication. From our initial meeting, I was overwhelmed by Roman’s willingness to listen and assess what our business needed . You have the rare gift of being honest and straightforward without being unkind or rude. Our situation was a bit complicated, and you worked with us, within our budget, to make the needed improvements. I can recommend you without hesitation to anyone!”


- Lorraine Walker, Owner, Silver Bridge Coffee

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Bulldogs 1953


“Thank you Roman for another grand year! It is good to do business with a fine group of professionals like Eden Marketing. I am sincere in my praise as everything was handled by you and your staff with a dignity that left me duly impressed. ”


- John Easterling of Bulldogs 1953

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Pathway Properties


“Roman, Jay and all of the staff at Eden Marketing were wonderful to deal with. Lots of great ideas on making the website function to its fullest. They answered all of our many questions and were very patient as we reviewed and requested numerous small changes prior to the site going live. Our new site is absolutely wonderful and we look forward to fully utilizing all of the functions that were added to make it better.We can’t thank you and your staff enough for all of your help and patience.”


-Roy C Whitmore for Pathway Properties

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Cracked Thumb Pottery


“Hi Roman and Jay, I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the website. I can’t tell you how much better this is than I thought it would be. I wanted lots of flexibility and editing ability and I have it. This is a site that I can tell I will be able to grow with and it will grow with me. I was a tad hesitant about the investment but now that its close to being live I wish I’d done it sooner. Now its time to SELL! Thanks much!


-Lissa Jollick, Owner, Cracked Thumb Pottery

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Cannarozzi & Associates Insurance Agency


“Roman and Eden Marketing not only provided a fantastic website for our company, but have provided, hands down, the most helpful customer service I have ever experienced. Roman is always more than happy to answer any questions we might have (and we have a lot) in a timely manner. Thank you so much for all of your helpful services now and in the future.”


-Allison Brown, Agent Service Representative

Cannarozzi & Associates Insurance Agency

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National Network of Forest Practitioners


“Thanks for working on that for me and getting back so quickly. You are one of my favorite people to work with and I hope that we get to do it a lot more. I always learn something new every time we sit together!”


- Cynthia Brunty, Office Manager,

National Network of Forest Practitioners

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Hillel at Ohio University


“Eden Marketing provided an excellent website in a timely fashion. We needed the site up and running by the start of the school and we got it. Thanks for all your hard work. We really do think we have one of the best Hillel sites out there.”


– Lori Gromen

Office Administrator

Hillel at Ohio University

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Green Truck Systems


“I just wanted to drop a line to say thank you! Starting a new venture can be overwhelming to say the least. Eden Marketing made many aspects of this venture go a lot smoother. I found you and your staff to be creative, responsive and over all very intuitive and easy to work with. I love the logo design, the website and the print design that you put together for me. The best part is that you made me feel like we were buddies from way back! :-)


Thank you, Rome and staff. Job well done.”


Gabriel Williams – Green Truck Systems

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Ric Wasserman


“Let me tell you that I’m 100% certain that there is no poster in the Athens area with the eye catching ability of ours. When I place it next to others there’s just no contest, it totally stands out with the colors and the design. I’ll sing your praises to anyone who wants to hear it. Your work is great and you’ve been so totally flexible.”


- Ric Wasserman

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Sue Gilad


“Thank you Dan & Roman – What a joy you both are! Thank you for your absolute excellence.”


- Sue Gilad

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Five Spring Farms


“Perfect!! The site has now paid for itself in Nursery sales!! Thanks for the great site. I’ll be in touch soon.”


- Lisa Chambers, Five Spring Farms

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Break Down Way


“Thanks for coming up with a great site! The instruction given here is out of this world. even a stoned hippie child like me can understand it. Thanks again guys. You guys are masters beyond comprehension.”


- Student from Break Down Way (Online Guitar Lessons)

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Southeastern Agency


“Roman – it was nice seeing you yesterday! I will say that one accomplishment in 2006 for SEA was working with you and Eden Marketing. Your services are great!”


- Lori Mecum, Southeastern Agency

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Fur Peace Ranch


“As Owner of the Fur Peace Ranch, I have had the opportunity to work closely with Roman Warmke, Owner of Eden Marketing. He is serious and dedicated to his talent as our web creator. Not only did he help create the new look of our furpeaceranch.com website, his knowledge and expertise in marketing was a big plus. His turn around time on projects is instant. If you look up Eden in your Thesaurus… it says among many descriptions…. “pleasure, gratification, comfort, heaven, enchanted, breathe freely”…..he and Eden Marketing are all those things!”


- Vanessa Kaukonen, Owner, Fur Peace Ranch

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Mound Hill Outfitters


“I spent nearly three weeks researching potential web design and marketing firms before deciding to go with Roman & Eden Marketing. By far the best decision we have made for our business. These guys went above and beyond while taking a 6 week project to a little more than 3 weeks, all because of our time constraints, not to mention the great creativity and advise. Only the best with Eden Marketing.”


- Jason Williams, Mound Hill Outfitters

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Frog Ranch Foods


“The new Frog Ranch website launched one week ago and it’s a truly instant success. We’ve had more orders, newsletter sign-ups, product reviews and recipe submissions than we ever expected – testimony to what an incredible new income stream this will be, as well as an awesome resource for our customers.


Down to the last detail, be it design or function, the site perfectly reflects the feel of our company – fun, funky, and personal. And the store! Our customers have been waiting a long time to be able to order online, and the store now available to them is thorough and very easy to use (for customers and on our end as well). We simply couldn’t be more excited.


Roman and Jef worked very, very hard for us and were endlessly helpful and creative. Not only did we end up with our dream website, but, thanks to their patience and encouragement, we’ve also come away with the knowledge to run it. In general a tremendous experience.”


– Molly Wales, Frog Ranch Foods

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Bob Stewart


“When I joined the Jenco Foundation board I volunteered to help with the process of revitalizing the foundation’s web site. It was terrific working with Roman and Eden Marketing, especially when it came to meeting a tight deadline. Roman’s dedication to service, sense of humor, and best of all willingness to listen were key elements in us getting the site finished two weeks in advance.”


- Bob Stewart, Jenco Foundation Board Member

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Kristen and Katie, The Actors Key


“Roman and Brian have been invaluable in the set up and maintenance of our website. For years, we did everything “ourselves”, thinking we could save money. Instead, by finally having professionals come in and make our website more efficient, easier to use, and our lives so much easier, we have saved our sanity, and our business (and frankly, the prices are manageable and worth every penny).

Dealing with Eden Marketing has been the single best decision we have made as a business. We are thriving, largely because we suddenly have time to think about things other than maintaining our website and dealing with emails that the website automatically takes care of. These warm, wonderful men have become a part of our Actor’s Key family and we can not sing their praises enough.”

- Kristen and Katie, The Actors Key, Burbank, California

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Tony Nation, Actors Connection


“Our new website with Eden Marketing has CHANGED the way we do business here at Actors Connection! First and foremost, we have an incredible internet presence via our website that truly represents our business and image. Second, by moving to an online database, we’ve not only increased our business, we’ve also gotten rid of so many time consuming office activities and are now able to focus on even better customer service.

It’s a thrill to get compliments everyday from our clients on how amazing and professional our new site is as well it’s ease of use. We’ve also increased our online visibility through the major search engines by having Eden improve our website’s Search Engine Optimization. Roman, Brian and Dan have done a fantastic job of taking our dreams and business ideas and turning them into reality.”

- Tony Nation, Owner, Actors Connection

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Stafford Consulting


” Thank you so much Dan and Roman. That amount is wonderful and totally acceptable. Your kindness and willingness to show me good business practice is well liked. I will definitely place you on my vendor list when a need for your services is called for at my business. I also will pass your name on to whom ever may need your services. When sending me your bill, please enclose several of your business cards for me to pass out to others.


Again, thanks for your efforts, ideas and hard work. Have a great day!”


- Tim D White; Stafford Consulting Engineers

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Packard Agency


“Thanks for everything Roman. You made the process very easy and not to mention and AWESOME website. We are extremely pleased with everything from start to going live on our site. The appearance is great, functionality is excellent enabling us to make a change on the spot and move on.


This site does what the ideal one should do, helps our customers and business without requiring any significant effort or time on our part to do updates and keep it fresh. Very Happy! Thank you.”


Jim Packard; Packard Agency LLC

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Yankee Doodle Deli


” I am so excited about the launch of my new website, yankeedoodledeli.com. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everything. You have been absolutely awesome to work with. I’m like a kid on Christmas morning!”


- Marilyn Baker, Yankee Doodle Deli

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Athens Billiards


“This online shopping cart is wonderful, it is very user friendly, and takes very little training. Roman is the greatest computer man alive.”


- Jamie Boyd, Athens Billiards

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Studio E Music


“Roman, you’re a scholar and a gentleman as well. This is really more generous than I had anticipated. Perhaps I can make it up to you with some future marketing work once this starts to pay off.”


- Tim Edwards, Studio E Music

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ACEnet Food Ventures


“I would highly recommend Eden Marketing to those seeking highly professional work that is functional, well designed, and economical. Roman and his design team did a great job on a special website for my organization with a limited budget, and a tight timeline–a project like that could have been a major pain, was a pleasure due to Eden’s expertise and efficiency.”


- Wendy Sharp, Marketing Specialist, ACEnet Food Ventures

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Playhouse Square Center


“Thank you so much, Roman. You do nice work, and really do appreciate you working on our insane timeline to push this out at quickly as possible. I will be sure to pass along future projects as they come up – and I promise to give you much more notice in the future!! Thanks again!!”


- Stephanie Eames, Marketing Coordinator, Playhouse Square Center.

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Toby Walker


“Hi Roman, I’m really looking forward to this. As your other sites are incredibly impressive, I can only imagine how your input will benefit my site. I’m looking forward to your valuable input. It’s a comfort working with someone of your expertise.”


- All The Best, Toby Walker – littletobywalker.com

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Ventura County, California


“This is the best Rock and Roll web site I have yet to visit, and I have visited alot. Keep on Rocking,Forever!!! “


- From Ventura County, California, a sixteen year old Rock and Roller. Peace and much Love to the airplane. (Submission to Jefferson Airplane.com)

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Jonathan Milo Leal


“Dear Roman, I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how pleased I have been with the web design services you and your staff have provided Milo’s Whole World Gourmet. The retro look you’ve captured on the site is exactly what I was looking for. The fact that you’re one of the most responsive businesses in Athens is just the icing on the cake. I appreciate the quick turn-around time and top-notch customer service you’ve demonstrated time and again. It’s no wonder you’re constantly booked!”


- Jonathan Milo Leal, CEO, Milo’s Whole World Gourmet

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Jorma Kaukonen


“Dear Roman & Dan- So far so good. The response to the new site has been extremely positive. Nice work… both of you guys. More later…… Jorma”


- Legendary guitarist and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Jorma Kaukonen.

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Jim Murray, TheMarketingGarage


“Because good marketing is just good communications, Roman Warmke of Eden Marketing may very well be Athens’ consummate marketing consultant. His incredible people skills, first-class writing abilities, insatiable appetite for understanding what works and what doesn’t, solid web-design skills, and quick and creative mind assure that you’ll get fresh, tailor-made solutions to your marketing problems, on or off the web. I recommend him highly. And regularly.”


- Jim Murray, TheMarketingGarage

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- Jack Casady, bassist for Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna, and Jefferson Starship


“Dear Roman: The site looks wonderful. You did a superb job. Nice and clean and EASY to use. I want to thank you for your good work. We’ll be in touch.”


- Jack Casady, bassist for Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna, and Jefferson Starship

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Diana Quine


Wonderful! Thanks, Roman. Site is Excellent. You did a really great job.


- Diana Quine (wife of Jack Casady)

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A Fan, MA


Enjoying the new Jack Casady website! Love the Good Shepard solo on the home page. More music downloads, if possible. Thanks for a job well-done.


- William, Newton, MA

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Dan DeLuca. University Rentals, President


“Dear Roman, I am very pleased with the website in you created for University Rentals. I have had much positive feedback and the site has helped me manage things easier. I have entered the website in a competition with one of my suppliers looking for the best real- estate oriented website. I look forward in continuing our relationship and further building of this site.”


- Dan DeLuca. University Rentals, President

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Nick Curran of the Fabulous Thunderbirds


Thank you for the great work. Can’t wait to meet you. Vanessa speaks very highly of you. Hope to play around there sometime in the near future. Keep cool.


- Nick Curran of the Fabulous Thunderbirds

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Amanda Conrath, Southern Consortium for Children


This is me doing my happy dance! The site looks awesome! You and yours guys did such a wonderful job! We all appreciate your extra time and extremely hard work you put into this project! We’ll see you Friday for drinks!


- Amanda Conrath, Southern Consortium for Children

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David Wolff, Owner, Break Down Way, LLC


“Roman- This creation was a joint effort that was a labor of love and your input and work made it all the more enjoyable.


This experience, with all the ups and downs, needed brainstorming sessions, and hopes for the future has truly been nothing short of fantastic! Thanks again for that!!! For you and yours, we hope for, above all else, peace in the world, health and prosperity.”


- David Wolff, Owner, Break Down Way, LLC

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- Jonathan Milo Leal, CEO, Milo’s Whole World Gourmet


I totally respect you for taking responsibility, even though it wasn’t your fault. you get high marks in my book as a businessman!


- Jonathan Milo Leal, CEO, Milo’s Whole World Gourmet

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- Gene Norris, Engineering Manager: Athens Technical Specialists, Inc.


“Eden Marketing has provided invaluable Internet marketing services to our company. The following represent a few examples:


– The web designers at Eden are highly personable people. They met with us at our offices to find out what we wanted for our company’s web site, giving us personalized attention. This became important when we wanted some unique features added to our web site.

– They gave us a customized web store that is truly ours, not just a cut-and-paste version of somebody else’s web store.

– Eden web designers were approachable, accessible, and very professional.

– When our web store went on-line, Eden Marketing was there, every step of the way.


Another example is when our Internet service provider upgraded their software which left some features on our web site inaccessible. Our emergency became Eden’s emergency, and they worked with our Internet service provider to fix the problems within two hours instead of several days. Eden’s integrity, candor, and loyalty are such rare commodities in the business world these days. They have ensured that all our future Internet marketing needs will be met by Eden Marketing. They made putting up a customized web store seem incredibly easy.


We highly recommend Eden Marketing’s services to any company that values competent, efficient, professional, and personalized attention for their web site needs.”


- Gene Norris, Engineering Manager: Athens Technical Specialists, Inc.

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Wade Midkiff, Frognet Inc.


As I mentioned earlier, FrogNet offers web hosting, but not design. One of our customers, however, is an excellent web design group. I highly recommend that you contact Roman to chat about your requirements and to get a quote. You can reach him by phone at 740.707.8435


- Wade Midkiff, Frognet Inc.

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Coleen Y. Dietsch. Executive Director, ReUse Industries


“My organization and staff could not be happier with the marketing assistance we’ve received from Roman Warmke and Eden Marketing. Roman’s enthusiasm, creativity and commitment is amazing. He took the time needed to really learn our organization and has created several customized marketing campaigns that have served us well. Roman truly seems to care about the success of our organization and is always ready and willing to help whenever we give a call. Thanks, Eden Marketing.”


- Coleen Y. Dietsch. Executive Director, ReUse Industries.

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Avalanche Pizza


“I cannot tell you how thankful both my staff and myself are with the outstanding website that you created for us! You have done such a tremendous job; the graphics are wonderful and the site is so easy to navigate that even I can do it.


The coupons have already generated extra business for us, especially with the college crowd. What I really enjoy the most though is the comment card; this is the best and most unobtrusive way of gauging the true nature of my customer’s wants and needs.


After getting through our second year as a small business, we have found that responsible and dependable companies are hard to come by. We always look for companies that treat us like we treat our customers- with respect and kindness. Your thoughtful and superb service made us feel very welcome and we knew that you genuinely cared about our company and us. Your expert suggestions on how to market our product also helped us make the most of our advertising dollar.


Again, thank you for rolling Avalanche Pizza into the 21st century and making the creation of our website such a fun and enjoyable venture. We look forward to a long relationship with you and Eden Marketing and will highly recommend your company to everyone we meet!”


- John T. Gutekanst & Debra L. Rentz, Owners, Avalanche Pizza

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Josh Antonuccio, Owner, 3 Elliott Studio


“Eden Marketing helped us take our website to the next level. They enabled us to have a user-friendly, self-sustaining system of uploading content within a matter of weeks and were professional at every step of the process. Roman met with me personally in town and took the time to review the procedures and methods for maintaining and updating our site. I recommend Eden Marketing for anyone’s technical needs.”

Josh Antonuccio, Owner, 3 Elliott Studio

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Paula Linscott, Entrepreneur


” I feel very fortunate to have met you. Your reputation was wonderful and you surpassed it. Thank you for everything and, if you will, just e-mail me your hourly rate so that I may compensate you for your work.” – Paula Linscott

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Bill Thompson, Jefferson Airplane, Starship, Journey


I am writing to express my sincere recommendation concerning our nomination of Eden Marketing LLC. for the award of “Best Website” for www.jeffersonairplane.com. I appreciate your interest, and thank you for accepting my nomination.

Since 1968 I have been the manager for Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, and many other musical acts such as Neil Schon of Journey, Hot Tuna, and Jorma Kaukonen (solo) and have worked hand in hand with countless groups and individuals in my time. I have been delighted with the service Eden Marketing has performed bringing our band to a whole new generation of fans, and highly recommend this web design firm to my friends and colleges.

Designing the website was no easy feat, if you consider the band, though still to this day evoking a very emotional response from people, has not actively played a show under the name Jefferson Airplane since 1972. What I asked of Roman Warmke was a tall order, to create a site that creates the feeling of being back in the “hey-day” of the Airplane, but incorporating modern technology and making it easy and fun to use.

I feel Eden has done this with grace and ease. After several failed attempts at creating an online presence for this venture using other web design firms located here in San Francisco, California, Eden Marketing came to the rescue and made sense of the nonsensical, added creative ideas and suggested improvements that have not only created a lot of extra revenue for our group, but saved me and my staff a lot of time by addressing frequently asked questions, and automating procedures.

Constructing the site cost money, but Roman has made it so every dollar I spent creating this website, has been returned tenfold. This website has added additional revenue for us, and I look forward to working closely with Eden Marketing to further continue its growth.

I invite you to contact me personally if you have any questions, or need more information concerning why I feel Eden Marketing should be awarded “Best Website” for jeffersonairplane.com.

Many thanks,

Bill Thompson

Manager, Jefferson Airplane

2051 3rd Street San Francisco, CA 94107

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